The Island of Cebu: Your Next Destination

If you’re looking for sun, sand, and sea—Cebu is an awesome place to spend your holiday in.

Cebu is a small province, situated right in the heart of the Philippines. Even if it’s a humble island, it’s a haven of natural attractions that you can’t find elsewhere.

Here’s a quick overview of Cebu that might help plan your itinerary:

Tourist-friendly International Airport

Let’s start with the very first place you’d set foot in.

The new terminal caters to all international flights coming to and from Cebu. It’s bigger, brighter, and pales in comparison to its predecessor. You also have more flight options from major and small airlines.

If you haven’t arranged for an airport pick-up service, getting around is easy. Right outside the airport, you can either take a:

TAXI: Starting at a flag down rate (P40 / $1), a taxi can take you anywhere within the city.
BUS: Take the MyBus and pay the ticket (P40.00 / $1) which stops at designated places within the city, ending at SM City Cebu.

If you’re flying to Cebu from Manila, Clark, or another domestic origin, you will land at Terminal 1 or the old domestic terminal. You can also take a taxi or the MyBus in this terminal.

Friendly, Helpful Locals

Cebuanos are known to be warm and welcoming.

Cebuanos also speak English, at least good enough that you won’t get to the wrong place. Taxi drivers, food vendors, sales ladies, and even any random person you bump into the street are happy to help if you ask.

Must-see Beaches

Cebu is known for its pristine waters. Even if it is an island of its own, there are a few smaller islands off its coast that are still part of the main province.

Up north, Camotes Islands, Malapascua Islands, and Bantayan Island are worth checking out. Down south, the beaches in Alcoy, Moalboal, Badian and Sumilon Island do not disappoint.

If you love scuba diving, these beaches are popular diving sites among foreign tourists. If you want to dive somewhere less far, the beaches in Mactan are great diving sites, too.

Then there’s Oslob, a small province in the south that’s not just known for its beaches, but for the whale sharks that frequent the coast. Where else in the world can you swim and pose with the whale sharks? This is definitely one experience you can’t miss out.

Cebu is an elongated island, so you either go ‘north’ or ‘south’ to check out the beaches.

You can hire a tourist car or van (P4,000-8,000 / $78-$156 for a one-way trip) which can take you to your destination. Rates may vary depending on how far north or south you will go.

Taking the bus is a more affordable option (at most P250 / $5 per ticket).

The Cebu City currently services two bus terminals that can take you to either north or south of the province: the North Bus Terminal and the South Bus Terminal.

Other Worthy Attractions

While some would say that beaches are definitely the main attraction, you can enjoy nearby tourist spots, too. The Kawasan Falls in Badian, once an open secret in the south, is now one of the top major attractions of Cebu. While you’re at it, the canyoneering adventure in Badian is a must-try especially if you’re traveling in a group! You’ll be walking, jumping, and swimming—from cliffs, hills to caves—once you start, there’s no turning back, or you’ll miss the fun! Meanwhile, the Bojo river cruise in Aloguinsan allows you to have some peace and quiet while you enjoy the breathtaking view.

Great Vacation for a Cheap Price

Pretty much everything in Cebu is affordable. Food is cheap, transportation is cheap, clothes are cheap—you’d be pleased to know that you can get the best holiday experience without breaking the bank. For as low as P80 / $2, you can enjoy a hearty meal. Is there any particular place you want to be included in your itinerary? We’d love to know your thoughts!

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